Autism Climbing Awards New Certificate Design!

We have re-designed our Autism climbing award certificates for levels 1-3 (more to come soon), they more colourful, they have larger text and also include logos for the National Autistic Society and Super Climbing Club, both of which we work closely. In fact, we are proud to say we manage the instruction side of [...]

Discover the benefits that climbing can bring to children with autism

Autism affects a persons social interactions, communication, interests and behaviour. From coaching children diagnosed with autism at the weekly Bristol Climbing Club sessions over the last year, I’ve seen a wealth of benefits that are not just physical. Want to find out what benefits climbing can bring to children with autism ……then keep on [...]

Climbing with autism sessions now every week

Sorry for the delay in offering the new set of bookings. We have good news though! We have taken on 2 new fantastic instructors who are able to offer more of their time (than me) and so are able to put on sessions each Thursday of the school terms (Bristol terms). This means I will [...]

What are the benefits of climbing for children with Autism

Bouldering has an huge array of benefits to any child with ASD Those benefits include: Creating a positive outlook to psychical activity Developing a positive self-esteem Building a positive outlook towards challenges Developing perseverance Creating lasting friendships Developing team skills Developing team and individual communication skills Improving whole body coordination Increasing psychical strength [...]

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