Important updates, thanks and love

Dear All,

Steve and I have been talking about the future of the super climbing club a lot recently, unfortunately, Steve Winslow is now unable to give as much time to the club as he wishes to. Don’t worry, we are not going anywhere!

Both of us are in agreement that there are so many benefits of the club and so we don’t want to see it end and therefore I have agreed to take it on and develop the sessions going forward.

From the lessons, Steve has learned there will need to be a few minor changes to make the club viable going forward. 

These will be implemented after this weeks session (8th March) that will be run by both Steve and I.  

The main change is that we will be reducing the number of instructors to just 1, to maintain our ratios for safety and quality the sessions going forward will only contain a maximum of 5 children. 

As there is more interest in the climbing club than just 5 children I will be putting on additional sessions. Therefore there will be a session from 5-6pm in addition to the current 6-7 on a Thursday during term time.  What I would like to do is split the sessions by age/ability and so the sessions can be more focused and cater to the children’s needs and abilities more accurately. 

How I see it working is the beginner (levels 1 & 2) and young children on the 5-6 and the intermediate (level 3 and above) / older children on the 6/7.  These sessions have been added to the website ( and are now live to book. 

If you are in any doubt as to which session to book onto please do get in contact with me at and I will let you know.  I am open to putting on extra sessions at different times or days if there is the demand, however, for the time being, I want to see how it works splitting the group and running the club over two sessions with one instructor.

Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.


Dear all,

Dean has said it all above, however, I would like to thank you all for your support and help over the last year or so. The sessions, children and yourselves have been absolutely fantastic!

The sessions were always a joy to work on and develop. I am only forced to stop due to time restraints. 

I am so glad Dean will be taking the organising of the club from now on. Dean has some fantastic ideas and the freedom I had in the beginning in which to implement them.

I will still be around, in the background, developing ideas and other sessions, with the mind that other instructors like dean will take them on, however, all correspondence for bookings etc will now be through Dean.

Thank you again for all your time and support, you never know, Dean may ask me to cover a group once and a while!

All the best and I hope to see you all soon.

Steve Winslow x

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