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Climbing with Autisim

Our climbing sessions children between the ages of 6 and 14 who are diagnosed with Autism, these sessions are absolutely perfect for children who have a moderate to high functioning autism and want to give climbing a go.


CHILDREN: These sessions are fun, exciting and challenging, don’t worry if you have not climbed before we and the whole group of climbers are lovely, very friendly and also very supportive.

PARENTS: These sessions are fun, yet are based around developing your child physically, mentally and psychologically, yes we know, thats a BIG statement!

We really do believe it though and the large group of parents and children who climbing regular can and do testifie to this, we can’t take all the credit though, climbing naturally lends it’s self to help many people in many different ways.

The sessions are 1hr long and fully instructed by our experienced, highly trained and fully insured instructors.

The bouldering sessions are held each Thursday at Bloc climbing centre in St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9SH.

The instructors that will be working with the ASD have a huge amount of experience in this area and are passionate about the improvements, help and fun children with ASD can gain from climbing and the challenges surrounding the activity.

The bouldering sessions are held each Thursday at Bloc climbing centre in St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9SH.

Thanks for tonight boyo had an amazing time thanks to your extra helper as well.

Sarah Rosser, Your Content Goes Here

Benefits include

  • Creating a positive outlook to psychical activity

  • Developing a positive self-esteem

  • Building a positive outlook towards challenges

  • Developing perseverance

  • Creating lasting friendships

  • Developing team skills

  • Developing team and individual communication skills

  • Improving whole body coordination

  • Increasing psychical strength

  • Developing and improving flexibiltiy

  • And much more!

What people say

My boy loved this session looking forward to more in 2017. Thanks Steve & team

Liesl Lowes

Thankyou steve & team it was great to watch our boyo do great interaction with you and your team , it was amazing to see him climbing and your calm attitude to all his challenges.
Look forward to more session in 2017

Sarah Rosser
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Thanks for a great session, the boys loved it! See you all soon.

Claire Haynes, Your Content Goes Here

Thanks guys for another fab climbing session I’m so impressed with Tims improvement week on week 😊 

Sara Mackay, Your Content Goes Here

Thank you for the warm welcome Ben was given today .. absolutely brilliant evening.
Steve, you are a true Gent and Ben has caught the climbing bug, long may it last.

Thoroughly enjoyed it .. many thanks.

Christina Chedgy, Your Content Goes Here
When’s the next session?