Important updates, thanks and love

Dear All, Steve and I have been talking about the future of the super climbing club a lot recently, unfortunately, Steve Winslow is now unable to give as much time to the club as he wishes to. Don’t worry, we are not going anywhere! Both of us are in agreement that there are so many benefits [...]

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Autism Climbing Awards New Certificate Design!

We have re-designed our Autism climbing award certificates for levels 1-3 (more to come soon), they more colourful, they have larger text and also include logos for the National Autistic Society and Super Climbing Club, both of which we work closely. In fact, we are proud to say we manage the instruction side of [...]

Discover the benefits that climbing can bring to children with autism

Autism affects a persons social interactions, communication, interests and behaviour. From coaching children diagnosed with autism at the weekly Bristol Climbing Club sessions over the last year, I’ve seen a wealth of benefits that are not just physical. Want to find out what benefits climbing can bring to children with autism ……then keep on [...]

Climbing with autism sessions now every week

Sorry for the delay in offering the new set of bookings. We have good news though! We have taken on 2 new fantastic instructors who are able to offer more of their time (than me) and so are able to put on sessions each Thursday of the school terms (Bristol terms). This means I will [...]

New Children’s Autism Climbing Sessions

We are super happy to announce we are able to put out another set of climbing sessions specifically for children diagnosed (or nearly diagnosed) with Autism/Asperges. To find out more, see what people have to say about our sessions or book your child onto our Climbing with Autism developmental sessions visit our climbing with Autism [...]

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Indoor climbing with your children; How to start.

By it’s very nature climbing is a simple sport. No matter the climbers age or ability they are often, if not always, trying their hardest to climb their best. As the climber and the difficulty of the climbs progress the holds get smaller and the the foot holds worse, however, no matter the size, everyone [...]

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